Star Wars Ben Cooper Halloween Costumes

Star Wars Ben Cooper Halloween Costumes

bobaesbcostIt’s Halloween month !!

I thought I would share the awesomeness of those Halloween’s past- STAR WARS STYLE . c3pofront

stormysetHere is a collection from the Star Wars  Ben Cooper Vinyl Halloween costumes.  The masks themselves  have become a hot collectible of their own in recent years. Most collectors prefer the entire outfit, with the box, mask’s alone are rather desirable.   Because of the fragility of the mask, finding a great sample is getting harder. Consequently, finding a costume itself that is not torn on a seam can be difficult.

There are several scarce variations of masks and costumes. One of the rarest is the Silver Boba Fett mask resembling early concept artwork.

bobamask bobafront2bobafront1

For those unfortunate few whose parents got late to the store they may have settled for the simple rain poncho costume.funponcho

There are several versions of the boxes. the earliest version you could find Star wars costumes was the  generic Ben Cooper box. By 1979 Star Wars boxes filled the shelves. bencooperplaysuit


The masks themselves also have many iterations. Here is an example of Darth Vader mask variations.


Here is a great selection of mask images of star wars costumes


bobamaskakbarmask akbarmak lukemasklukefornt klaatumask gamguardmask yodamask traidermask stormymask stormymackchewymask

and some images from the plastic costumes —


Happy Halloween and happy collecting

For more information on Ben cooper check out  this wiki page.,_Inc


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